Social Media Management

  • Account set up
  • • Scheduling posts
    • Posting across all accounts
    • A monthly report
    • Client Correspondence(Optional)
    • Social media platforms (Facebook, etc)

  • • 15 x Image posts (pm) 5 x Text • Creative tags to increase visibility
    • Image Adverts
    • Video Adverts
    • Monthly account maintenance
    • Sponsored adverts
    • Setting geographical targets

Social media marketing have become one of the fastest trends to promote and sell almost everything. People read the news, latest fashion, and get ideas on social networks. Facebook has created a necessity for online marketing with its ever growing membership list. To stay competitive many brands are availing themselves on social media. Businesses create campaigns and marketing strategies on social media to be seen and increase their turnover. Many businesses have social pages that are managed by companies like Wordstriker Digital media, to advertise and for customer interaction.

Visual content has become very important especially on social media. Statistics show that Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube above other sites show that users are more drawn to visual content than just plain text descriptions.

Here at Wordstriker Digital Media, our social media team focus on the growth of every client’s brand. Creating strategies to get more followers, likes and building customer relations with the client’s brand. We focus on advertisements, monthly catalogs, creating campaigns, content management, target audience, designing, competitive research etc. While you have time to focus on other business aspects, we’ll take care of the digital marketing.

We link all social pages directly to your website where web visitors can easily access it. We market and advertise on the big social brands as well as local platforms.

Who needs to market on Social Media?

Everyone. If you’re a small business start up or part of a high demand industry. Retail, restaurants, car dealership, painters, plumbers, housing, furniture etc.

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