Visual Content

The importance of visual content

Posts that are accompanied by images or videos generate much more engagements. Visual content has become very important especially on social media. Statistics show that Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube above other sites show that users are more drawn to visual content than just plain text descriptions. Visual content speaks for itself. Therefore it is imperative that you display good content.

Users make more use of saving an image than to write down a number that is displayed on a poster or marketing flyer. They then distribute it to whoever they want to see it, and so it carries on to more views, more clicks, more followers. Surely, you can send text via sms marketing but people engage mostly when they can see what they are being offered.

Visual advertising is not just about posting any picture or video, but one that captivate and help users remember your brand name associated with the content. The visual content should tell a story and remind users why the product you’re presenting is important or needed.

Competitor content tracking is also an important technique to follow to ascertain that your visual content engage the same or more users and followers.

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