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What is website Management

Website management involve a few different things to help your business website function without you having to worry about it. It involves time, content creation, visual content, website analytics, data analysis, functionality, website security, search engine optimization, theme and plugin or software updates and 24/7 support.

Website management requires a company like Wordstriker who have dedicated and qualified staff to manage your website’s needs. We will audit your website, provide security software and manage data usage. It would require of our services to create content for your website be it visual content with your theme and branding or written content for your blog posts. Should it be an online store our services would be required to manage your online store orders and add new products and showcase ads on the website. In the event of it being a restaurant we would update your menu and create the necessary visual content to promote any specials. Should the website be a directory Wordstriker would manage listing orders, listing packages updates and upgrades. We are also able to assist with the customer service of any website and liaise accordingly.

Website management allows us to take care of all the website related requirements that the business have. We manage websites that are made for your clients

website management

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All packages are set according to your website requirements

“We’ll keep your website Fresh and Up to Date” 
Packages Include:
  • Web Designer
  • 24/7 Support
  • 48 hours Turn around time
  • Add Content/Write Blogs
  • Add Images/Create Images
  • Change Design and Layout
  • Website features available to be added
  • Website Software Updates
  • Website Security

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