UX User Friendly

What is UX?

User Experience, also shortened to UX, is the process of designing with customer experiences in mind.

User experience (UXdesign is the process used to design websites that provide simple, easy to use, and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. As a web design business, our involvement with user experience design usually involves designs considering user experience. User experience is involved in many things around us, such as the escalator or elevator that you have to use to navigate in a shopping mall. In our line of work, however, it is imperative to consider whether something is easy to use and what the customer gains from the interaction.

When we design and develop a website we have to consider the visitor’s experience from the first click to the last. We usually consider usefulness and whether something is necessary on a website or if it is just fluff to draw attention but serve no purpose. Many times developers use certain features just for show casing but it disrupt the user experience from continuing to navigate and engage. So it is imperative to always consider the experience that you want visitors or users to have, instead of just displaying features.

User experience is about keeping the customer engaged and intrigued by making the product, manageable, user friendly and easy. Colour, content and graphics plays an important role in ux too. Especially with visual and digital marketing content.

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