Interested in getting a website for your start up or growing business, but you are not familiar with website lingo, web hosting, domain registration and what it all entails. You wonder why you need to get all these things and what it will do for you. Allow me to explain.

I am sure that your registered business have a name and a nice and spacious place where your offices are well situated. Web hosting is kinda like that, your website will have a name, and that name will most likely be displayed in your domain (website link). Your website link will be added to a server where web host managing software are added onto. There you will be able to ad and create e-mail accounts and load software to design a website. It is best to do this through a web design company like Wordstriker so that your data are secured and professionally set up on a server with ample space. It is important that your files get stored on a server with enough space for your website to function fast and efficient. Your website would have written content, images, html coding, if its an online store with many products it would all need to be stored on the web hosting server.

Web hosting is the server platform that host a website and its contents. It helps a website to be accessible and function on the internet. Every website requires a domain name registered, which is the website link, and the link and it’s content has to be stored on a web hosting server to be accessible. When someone want to access your website, they would type your domain into their browser, and your website will appear on the search engine. Your domain and website contents would be indexed with Google Bing and Yahoo by Wordstriker. 

The browser will then connect to our server where your website content is stored, and they’ll be able to view or use the website. Hosting platforms also provide and store e-mail accounts. It will access the internet, whether local or international and connect to the servers all the time. This is why you would have to pay a web hosting fee on a monthly basis. Web hosting fees are very cheap for the service it gives and can range from R40pm to R150pm depending on the package you choose or how much would be required for the storage of your website and e-mails. 

Would you like your business to be part of the world wide web? Would you like to have an e-mail account registered to your business name? 

Web Hosting Cape Town
Web Hosting Cape Town

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